Khayal al Arab Lattafa Air Freshener Exotic Fragrance Spray 300ml




The soft floral caress opens on a creamy Ylang – Ylang claw with a slight hint of orange blossom, knotted with the softness of pink buttons, spread out in a delicious vanilla foam bed. Fruity notes of oranges and intoxicating mandarins appear slightly in the floral arrangement, then transform into a whipped cream gourmet line, filled with roasted almonds in sweet and salty tones. The elegant and final top will resonate with a tuberous opulent in a harmonious duo with a flare of erased musk. A pleasantly soft fragrance with all the aroma of the Orient! The fragrance has natural and fresh flavours that blend in intense essences. The fragrance is very suitable for all occasions. Use of popular ingredients in the East for thousands of years. It is an exclusive fragrance composed of the highest quality ingredients, giving an aroma that breathes luxury and style.